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Exotic Gerbil owner, I need your help (french veterinary thesis) !

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    Exotic Gerbil owner, I need your help (french veterinary thesis) !

    Hello !

    I’m a french veterinary student and I’m writing a thesis on the behavior in captivity and needs of exotic rodents.

    There is very few scientific bibliography on these species so I have chosen to make a survey for exotic rodents keepers. The answers to this survey will be the basis of my thesis : the more answers I get, the better my thesis will be !

    I post here to invite you to answer this survey if
    you own one (or several) of the following species :

    - Dwarf (winter white or campbell) Hamsters (Phodopus sungorus)
    - Roborovski's Hamsters (Phodopus roborovskii)
    - Chinese Hamsters (Cricetulus griseus)
    - Degus (Octodon degus)
    - Chipmunks (Eutamias sibiricus)
    - Egyptian Spiny Mice (Acomys cahirinus)
    - African Pygmy Mice (Mus minutoides)
    - Zebra/Striped Mice (Lemniscomy barbarus)
    - Mastomys (Mastomys natalensis)
    - Fat-Tailed Gerbils (Pachyuromys duprasis)
    - Persian Jirds (Meriones persicus)
    - Shaw's Jirds (Meriones shawi)

    - Gambian or Emins' Pouched Rats (Cricetomys gambianus/emini)
    - Acacia Rats (Thallomys paedulcus)
    - Steppe Lemmings (Lagurus lagurus)
    - Richardson's Ground Squirrel (Spermophilus richardsonii)
    - Southern Flying Squirrel (Glaucomys volans)
    - African Pygmy Dormice (Graphiurus murinus)
    - Asian Garden Dormice (Eliomys melanurus)

    The survey is accessible by following this link :
    Thesis : Exotic rodents, needs in captivity and behavior.

    This survey is relatively short (5-7 min according to people who have already answered it). If you own several species and if you want to, you can of course answer the survey several times (and, in this case, thanks a lot !).

    Thank you in advance for your help !

    Elodie RAUX

    PS : One of the questions is "where do you live ?" and you have a list of countries to answer. Please, excuse me for the non logical order of countries, they are in fact in french alphabetical order and this can't be change for complicated reasons ...
    - Germany is at the begining of the list (A)
    - Spain is with the E
    - United Kingdom is in the R
    - Netherlands is in the P
    - United States is in the E
    - Mexico is in the M

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    Hast du schon mal einen Blick in den Ratgeber für Rennmäuse von Anja geworfen? Sie schreibt dort vieles Wissenswertes über die Haltung, Pflege und Beschäftigung - auch mit Videos. Vielleicht hilft dir das ja weiter?



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